SFBIH Program Services

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SFBIHP | Health Topics

All BIH services are at NO COST and include:

  • $25 Gift card at enrollment
  • 10 Prenatal Sessions
  • 10 Postpartum Sessions
  • Sister Circle Group
  • Breastfeeding Classes
  • Individual Life Planning
  • Referrals for Public Health Nurse
  • Supportive services referrals
  • Healthy meals during Groups
  • EATSF Vouchers
  • Community Baby Showers
  • Postpartum Graduations

All BIH Benefits:

  • $25 Gift card per session for groups and breastfeeding classes.
  • Weekly incentives bags from Family Health Advocate/Public Health Nurse
  • Eligible to receive a stroller, Pack-N-Play crib, and car seat (waiver signature required)
  • $75 Gift Card at graduation or baby shower upon program completion
  • Invitation for events & community partner(s)